Hurricane Sandy aftermath

A ketch that broke free from its mooring in the Navesink River during Hurricane Sandy lies several miles upstream below a mansion in Middletown, NJ

I put my photo boat in the water yesterday to check out the damage to the local boats and marinas in the Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers.  The marina at the end of our street, Fair haven Yacht Works, got clobbered.  However, they actually got lucky, because the wind shifted at the peak of the storm and took the boats that had been floated off their jack stands and sent them across the river, instead of into the other boats in the marina.

Here is one shot from yesterday’s shoot.  The rest can be seen at

Most of these were taken on the northern side of the Navesink River in Middletown, but also in Rumson, SeaBright and Highlands, NJ.  I tried to get boat names or hull numbers into the shots so boat owners can hopefully find their vessels.  If you recognize your boat and can’t tell where the boat is located, you can e-mail me at and I will tell you exactly where she is.

Let’s hope the insurance companies will come through for these boat and marina owners.


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