10 (to 17) Best Things About The Grenadines

I asked the 4 kids who accompanied us on our two week cruise of the Grenadines what the 10 best things were about the trip.  There were 3 common threads in the lists.  Not surprisingly animals and sweet drinks were in every list, but I was heartened to see that the kids all loved meeting the local people, and that the friendliness of the locals and making new friends ranked high every time.

Below is a compilation of their lists:

1) Looking at the stars through the open hatch of the cabin

2) Exploring the islands, especially the rainforests and waterfalls.

3) The monkeys

4) Swimming with the turtles in Tobago Cays

5) Making new friends with the native kids and the friendliness of the people in general

6) Keshoin’s guided tour on St. Vincent

7) Steering the sailboat

8) The hammocks in the tower at Dennis’ Hideaway on Mayreau (and the baby goats)

9) The AMAZING views

10) The Fruit Cocktails (Virgin Coladas for the kids).

11) Walter’s banana bread and croissants (see previous post about Walter the boat boy and the banana bread)

12) The local sodas ( a moratorium on soda was lifted for the duration of the trip)

13) Basil’s Bar on Mustique (ie that means the consumption of Virgin Coladas courtsey of Uncle Nabil)

14) Johnny’s tour of Mustique (where we saw Bryan Adams’ place and walked on Mick Jagger’s beach).

15) The piles of conch shells on Mustique behind the fishing village.

16) Christmas dinner on Petit St. Vincent

17) The beach barbeque in Chatham Bay on Union Island