Key West Race Week Day 4

Day 4 finally brought stronger winds. It blew about 16 knots, with some gusts that went higher, and it finally brought some drama to the race. Probably the best moments of the day were brought by the Melges 32 class, which is coming on strong and is now attracting some of the best sailors in the world. When the Wally 82 Highland Fling XI came upwind through the Melges 32 fleet as those boats were headed downwind, it made for some excitement on both the Wally and the Melges 32 Heartbreaker.

From our photo boat at the windward mark it looked like Heartbreaker was going to T-Bone the Wally 82, but by the time I brought my camera around to the action Heartbreaker had already taken corrective action and was headed toward the stern of Highland Fling XI to pass behind it. In these two frames you can see that Heartbreaker has already released its chute and the skipper has started aiming for just behind the stern of Highland Fling XI.

It’s one of those times when as a photographer you wish you’d been shooting in that direction all along, but I’m happy I caught at least the tail end of it. Nobody else on my photo boat or the other photo boat caught it since we were all shooting upwind toward the other Melges 32 boats.


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