Key West Race Week Day 1

With sailing there are no guarantees. The weather, in particular the wind, can choose to let you down. Well, it’s no different with power boats, but in this case it wasn’t the weather.

Day 1 of Key West Race Week was looking good, until the photo boat I was assigned to lost one of its three engines. Despite this, the captain elected to proceed to the race course anyway, but before we arrived at the start of the first race, the second engine quit. It would have been unwise to proceed out to sea with only one of two engines, so we returned to the harbor. That’s when the third engine started acting up. Fortunately we made it back to the dock.

The races had already begun but I knew that Adirondack II, the schooner I’m bunking on would be headed out with a bunch of paying customers. Fortunately my friends Sonny, Captain Rondy and Captain Andy had mercy on us and allowed me and the other shooters, who were now without water transportation, to use Adirondack as a shooting platform.

It was not ideal for shooting the races, but it did force me to get creative and I got a couple of shots that were a little different. Here’s a selection from day 1, for more click here


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