Sometimes you step on a boat and it’s just a blast. Today was one of those days. I spent the afternoon racing on Imagine, one of the schooners built by the Scarano Brothers of Albany, NY, during New York Classic Week.

We raced against Pride of Baltimore II, America II, When and If, Black Watch and Adirondack, another Scarano boat, which won the race.

OK. So you’re on America 2 (foreground right) and you’re trying to get your genoa up before the race and you look to port and you see this mother bearing down on you. That’s got to be a little unsettling.
I love the Pride of Baltimore II crew members in the rigging. Those guys (and gals) have major cajones. It’s gotta be like a roller coaster up there in such a blow.

When and If and Pride of Baltimore II going upwind. Note the guy at the end of the bowsprit of Pride. That’s gotta be a kick.

It’s always a bummer if you can’t show the boat you’re on, but when it has a bowsprit and you have a wide angle lens you can sometimes do this, which isn’t half bad. Imagine is a pretty boat. Schooners usually are. The Scarano Brothers have good taste. That’s one of them in the shorts looking up at the head sails.